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What is Teekkarihistoriaa.fi?

Teekkarihistoriaa.fi is Tampere's 50-year-old teekkarihistory's (teekkari = tech student) portal. Web site is maintained by Student Union of Tampre Univesity of Technology (TTYY). TTYY turns 50 years on year 2015, when teekkarihistoriaa.fi -page hopes to be on blossom. Every new and old teekkari (or architecht or fuksi)  from Tampere can write their own story for the page, add some photos or videos.

The page's own history starts from year 2010 when TTYY started to plan their upcoming 50-year-anniversary and the history release. There were lot's of horror stories about the other similar organizations procedure of history release, mainly about their costly expenses. So teekkaries of Tampere decided to do something different. In the student union they formed an idea of producing history release using social media where everyone could participate in making the release. So the student union suited the words to action and the original page was opened to public in start of summer 2012. You too can share your own teekkaristories!

In the year 2014 the web page was reworked because the old site was broken on many ways and quite much useless. Also there weren't as many stories on the site as the creators of the site had wanted. So therefore the student union board reworked the site with the help of student union's IT-secretary and produced lot's of different stories in the site from the old history releases of the student union.

Who maintains the web page?

The web page is maintained by the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology (TTYY). If you find inappropriate content on the page, materials which violate copyright rights or you've got some improvement ideas don't hesitate to contact us with email: ttyy (at) ttyy.fi.

Who can add content to the page?

Anybody can add content to the page using "Add your story" button. To add your story you need to enter working email address for the confirmation. The writer's information don't show up on the page if you don't write them in your story itself, so you can stay anonymous to the viewers of the page. You can also sign-up to the page using your Google or Facebook accounts (we do not post anything to your timeline). If you plan to write lot's of stories it's recommended to use these sign-up possibilities because then you don't need to confirm your stories with email.

What can be added to the page?

You can add some Teekkaristories from the past years. You can add some photos to the stories and also embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo services. You can write your story in Finnish or English. If you write your story in English please add the tag "English" to your story.


The site has contest going on which will last till 28.1.2015.

There are two series in the contest, personal series and series for guilds and clubs. To join the personal series you just need to log in to the site using your Facebook or Google account and produce as much of quality stories for the site as you can. All the stories added from same account count in for the same person. Evaluation consists of the amount of stories and the quality.

All the clubs and guilds of TTYY can join in the guilds and club series of the contest. The point of this series is to produce stories from happenings in our clubs and guilds during the years. To insert your story for the clubs and guild series just include your club's name in the tag section of the story. For example all the stories marked with "INTO" -tag are part of ESN INTO's stories. The most crucial thing about guild and clubs series is the amount of stories. But the best thing here is that can one productive person win the personal series for him/herself and the guild and club series for his/her guild at the same time.

The prize for the winner of the personal series is 100 euro gift card for a shop of his/her choosing. Prize for the guild and club series is Teekkarisauna's rent for free for the winning guild/club in year 2015.

The winners are announced in WerkkoAnturi 2/2015 (10.2.2015) and they are contacted personally.
[EDIT: The winners will be announced in WerkkoAnturi 3/2015 in March]

More information about the contest can be asked from viestinta(at)ttyy.fi.